The FrontRow story began in early 2012 as the brainchild of Graeme Coutts, now Chairman of the Group.

Upon retiring as Chairman and CEO of Expro Group, Graeme believed that he could put his skills and experience to good use, helping small business owners achieve and surpass their company growth ambitions. Graeme went on to assemble a team with a broad range of skills acquired from successful careers in the oil and gas industry to assist him in this undertaking.

The core of that team now forms the management of FrontRow, which was incorporated in January 2017 with valuable support from the Business Growth Fund. The FrontRow team brings a wealth of experience in starting, building and selling high-value businesses, especially those with a strong oilfield technology foundation.

The FrontRow Group's philosophy remains consistent: we will only get involved with businesses that operate within our knowledge sweet-spots. This allows us to build strong relationships in which we are active participants, directly influencing strategy and putting our shoulder behind turning that strategy into a successful reality.