FrontRow comprises a group of complementary upstream oil and gas technology businesses focused on bringing new solutions to market to meet industry challenges. The Group has a particular focus on reducing cost for operators managing mature producing assets in a low oil price environment.


Well-SENSE is a innovative technology business delivering downhole diagnostic, surveillance, monitoring and verification solutions for the well completion, intervention and P&A market.

Well-SENSE aims to improve the understanding of well performance and integrity, leading to safer and more efficient recovery of hydrocarbons, whilst lowering risk and cost.

The business is pioneering a unique method of gathering well data which offers outstanding advantages in speed, efficiency and quality.

FiberLine Intervention (FLI) is a portable, rigless technology, requiring no coiled tubing or wireline equipment for deployment. FLI temporarily installs low cost, single-use fibre optic sensing lines into oil and gas wells whilst delivering a vastly reduced operational footprint.

Using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) to gather data along the full length of the well, plus optional single point sensors, FLI delivers a wide range of diagnostic, surveillance, monitoring and verification solutions across the complete lifecycle.

Dan Purkis, the founder of Well-SENSE, holds over 50 industry patents, numerous industry awards and is recognised by his peers as one of the most innovative thinkers of his generation. Dan has made a career of consistently inventing and developing products which have delivered significant industry impact, with a number becoming key product lines for global service companies.

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Unity is a leading provider of well integrity solutions for the global upstream oil and gas industry.

The company's expertise ensures asset longevity, drawing on an extensive technology portfolio and the skills of a talented team.

They can answer the most demanding of integrity challenges and if they don’t have an existing solution to meet your needs then they'll develop something new.

All Unity's products and services are designed to improve performance and lower costs. They will deliver quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality every time.

Unity combines:

Technology: innovative products that reduce operating costs, improve performance, extend well life and simplify abandonment.

Integrity support services: a full range of wellhead inspection, maintenance and repair; equipment rental, refurbishment, retrofits and upgrades and recertification.

Engineering solutions: unique in-house designed solutions that remediate well and conductor integrity problems.

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ClearWELL is a patented flow assurance technology offering chemical-free, non-intrusive mineral scale control for hydrocarbon production.

The ClearWELL technology generates pulsed electromagnetic radio frequency signals which are transmitted to well tubulars and flow lines, plus surface and downhole equipment to control scale. With a small unit connected to the surface wellhead, the technology continuously ensures that scale precipitation remains in a suspended state within the produced fluid and is carried out of the well, rather than sticking to surfaces.

Deployed around the world, both on and offshore, ClearWELL provides significant cost benefits for producing wells. It prevents carbonates, sulfates or other mineral deposits from reducing a well’s productivity, it maximises production flow, minimises the use of costly chemical inhibitors and reduces intervention. It is low cost to install and operate, requiring only 15 watts continuous power consumption, which can be supplied by solar panels in remote locations.

ClearWELL's technology is backed by a wealth of practical, in-house oil and gas engineering knowledge and is supported by a comprehensive remote data monitoring and service package.

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Downhole Tools International (DTI) complement our group’s capabilities with a strong well intervention and production technology offering.

DTI joined the FrontRow Energy Technology Group in 2021, after Pragma acquired and merged the two businesses. The combined portfolio brings together innovative technology and advanced engineering solutions with a wide range of well intervention and flow control equipment.

With quality and service at the heart of its operations, DTI provides clients around the world with competitive solutions to reduce costs, improve performance and enhance recovery at all stages of the well lifecycle.

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